These companies actively use Quality by Design concepts and Thomas A. Little Consulting as a technical and training resource. Our clients are a variety of Semiconductor, Electronics, Optics, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Software, Universities, Hospitals, Medical Care, Consumer Products, Service Industries and other Fortune 50 companies and FDA regulated industries.


JMP versions 10 and 11 are world-class analytical engines for general data visualization and analysis, problem solving, design of experiments, design space generation, method validation, simulation and process control. JMP, a business unit of SAS, is a strategic business partner of Thomas A. Little consulting and a preferred solution for statistical and analytical methods software.

Ashford Group is a database and software solutions company that specializes in database and data systems design, development and optimization. TLC, Ashford Group and SAS/JMP team up to generate winning solutions for scripting, data automation, report generation, and automated analysis, all of which are linked to Part 11 compliant solutions.

Thomas A. Little Consulting

Thomas A. Little Consulting (TLC) is an internationally recognized scientific and engineering consulting firm with a proven record for achieving results. TLC has an extensive ICH and QbD curriculum SAS/JMP based for method, product and process development, data analysis, characterization, optimization and control. TLC is a strategic partner of SAS/JMP.