Nonlinear Modeling

Course Description

This course is specifically designed to meet the analytical needs of those individuals working within FDA regulated industries. Areas of focus include regression and linear and nonlinear modeling. The course requires 8 hours of instruction.


This course is required for those individuals that directly work with assay development and method validation. Further it may be helpful for those individuals that work with process characterization and generation of predictive models.


Engineering Statistics and Data Analysis is recommended.

Course Objectives

  1. Determine the best fit for linear models
  2. Identify when nonlinear models may be appropriate
  3. Select and fit nonlinear models
  4. Evaluate and predict performance from nonlinear models
  5. Evaluate the lack of fit from nonlinear models
  6. Determine EC50 and relative potency using JMP

Detailed Course Outline

Section I: Basics of Linear Modeling

Basics of Linear Modeling
Linear Regression
Sniper Plots
Fit Special

Section II: Nonlinear Models

Nonlinear platform
Model selection
Model evaluation
Adding X factors

Section III: Bio Assay and Relative Potency

Potency and Relative Potency
JMP Bioassay Addin

Section IV: Nonlinear DOE